Welcome to AHS IT Services

Are you new to salesforce.com? Perhaps your organization doesn’t have in-house expertise, or maybe you’re on a limited budget and need help with a custom implementation?
AHS offers salesforce.com consulting services to companies like yours, looking to maximize the power of cloud computing. We specialize in designing and developing custom cloud solutions on Salesforce.com, Salesforce1, and Force.com platform.
As a Salesforce.com Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, we bring the experience of hundreds of successful custom implementations to your project.

Here's what we do…

  1. Business process review
  2. Salesforce.com custom implementation
  3. Custom app development
  4. Reports and dashboard development
  1. Workflow automation
  2. Salesforce community set up and customization
  3. Site.com website development
  4. Data management
  1. APEX custom coding
  2. Visualforce custom pages
  3. Custom integration
  4. Third party app integration from AppExchange

How we do it…?

We deliver your project in five easy steps
First is discovery and proposal next we do a business process review followed by development and testing, and finally deployment and hands-off.

Our Services

AHS provides services in data management, user management, customization, report & dashboard development, visualforce page development, APEX customization (Triggers, classes, controller extensions, etc.), custom development, SOAP and REST web service callouts to third party systems, security design/maintenance, AppExchange integration, and general system configuration (workflow, approval processes, FLS, custom object/field development, etc.)

AHS IT Services
Apex programming

AHS specializes in providing development services to our clients and nearly all of our projects have involved coding Apex solutions.

AHS IT Services
Visualforce Design

Solid front-end development is absolutely vital for good user experience and high adoption ratings. AHS has worked with several companies to provide Visualforce pages that users love.

AHS IT Services
Admin Support

An industry-agnostic design means generic metadata. AHS can create custom objects, fields, and workflows to customize Salesforce to your needs.

AHS IT Services

Thinking of cheating on the cloud by having Salesforce talk to your legacy system? No problem, you’re not alone and your secret is safe with us.

AHS IT Services
Data Management

The adage of garbage in, garbage out still holds. AHS can help with data migrations, imports, exports, de-duplication, and general cleansing.

AHS IT Services

The Salesforce AppExchange is a great marketplace for B2B applications. AHS can help you build that next killer app and answer any packaging questions you may have.

AHS IT Services Salesforce Development Company

You are new to Salesforce.com and you’ve set up your users, and need help with getting started? Or need help customizing Salesforce.com, the world’s #1 CRM tool, to meet your business needs? AHS can help you leverage the full power of the cloud to make sales, win customers, and get back to managing your company instead of your Salesforce instance.

AHS is Salesforce.com implementation partner. Our Salesforce.com Consulting practice is comprised of experts in implementation, customization, custom development, and integration.


AHS has provided Salesforce.com design, development, and support services to a number of different businesses. Additionally, AHS has architected multiple Salesforce packages-both managed and unmanaged-some of which already are or soon will be publicly listed on the Salesforce AppExchange™. Look through the projects below to learn more, or better yet, contact us directly.

AHS IT Services
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