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Average Position Metric to be removed from Google Ads from September end.

Google recently announced that there won’t be Average position metric in Google ads anymore since September End. Why is it being removed? Average position metric is just a rank given to your ad based on the auction among bidders and quality score it will not guarantee the top position in SERP. This indicates there won’t be custom columns and saved reports that are attached to the average position metric. Also, Google wants more advertisers to use automatically generated bids rather than manual bids. Instead of the average position metric, Google introduced two new metrics “Absolute top impression and Top impression.

How Optimizing for Snippets Can Help SEOs Deal with Clickless Search engine results page.

Well, look, we have a tendency to survive that. In fact, optimizing the snippet for higher UX has become a vital part of the art and science of Search Engine Optimization. Is SEO Lifeless with Snippets? In my view, the solution could be a strong nope. Understanding user intent and developing content to satisfy the data would like is crucial as users undergo the cognitive stages of: • Informational • Navigational • Transactional At the informational stage, literally a demand for early-stage content, the user expertise should be instant, simple, and enlightening all at an equivalent time.

Page load time will be the most important SEO signs in 2020

Google can inflict its laws on website proprietors, in terms of transparency of information and content, as well as some technical point. Because of this technical features, I pay the greatest attention to the speed of sites in the context of various loading times (Page Load Time) . Time to the first byte is the server reply time from giving the request until the initial byte of data is sent. It shows how a site runs from the outlook of a server.

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